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Michelle Goodman

Although there are quite a few residential Realtors that practice the trade, I know very few that selected this Profession just after leaving High School or College. Like most other Realtors, my background touched a variety of careers, but they all seemed to resonate between Entertainment and Sales. I guess you would call me a “people person”. In the early to late 1970’s I was a Professional Singer and performed right here in the California Desert as well as Las Vegas and L.A. I actually witnessed the Palm Springs area (and surrounding Cities) grow into a formidable year round “residential playground.” The Coachella Valley is populated by nearly 600,000 people (counting snowbirds and full time residents) and is part of the 13th-largest Metropolitan area in the United States, called the Inland Empire. Population Experts feel that by 2050, there will be over 1 million people living in the valley.

In the 1980’s and 90’s I settled down in Orange County, CA and was involved in a myriad of positions in the Health and Weight Control industries. Did I mention that I also married my best friend? For the next 20 years we lived in the Laguna Hills area of Southern Orange County and while both of us were primarily in Sales, we also dabbled in the Entertainment arena, putting on “Bubble Shows” for kids and Karaoke “sing-a-longs” for adults.

As the millennium was approaching, retirement was one of our main concerns and we decided to move to the lower Desert. It was like old home week for me. Prior to 2000, I had gone back to College and receive my Certification and Credentials as a Personal Trainer. I became a Spa and Fitness Director when we finally retired to the Desert, where I met and helped a lot of great people over the next 6 years. My husband, Howard decided to return to the Mortgage business when we first moved to the Desert and by 2006 had convinced me to become a Realtor. Well, nine years later and as I look back I’m glad that I decided to help other people discover the same beauty and tranquility that this Desert has always offered me. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to introduce so many other clients to this truly mystical local.

Michelle Goodman Realtor
Rimrock and Mission Lakes Properties
64-949 Mission Lakes Blvd #115
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
BRE #01786917
Office: Out of Area:  877-282-2533
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Fax: 760-561-0297
Email: michelle@rampl.net

Howard Goodman


Howard Goodman

Spent the first 9 years as a ceramic engineer and plant manager for JFD Electronics. Moved to Cypress California in 1972 and entered the automotive retail industry as a Salesman and Manager for many of the top Orange County Ford Agencies. I stayed in that profession for the next 30 years and retired to the Desert in 2000. The stock market plunged  that year due to the over aggressive dot.com market and back to work I had to go. Too old for the automotive business, so I got my Real Estate License and went to work as a Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent. My greatest claim to fame is that I am married to my wife, Michelle for the past 33 years and we have brought up 4 great children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. The desert has been a great place for us to enjoy our retirement years.

Howard Goodman
Rimrock and Mission Lakes Properties
64-949 Mission Lakes Blvd. Ste. #115
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
Phone: 760-275-2760
Fax: 760-773-5313
E-mail: howard@ramlp.net
BRE License # 01322558


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